Our Montana, Inc.

Our History


Over twenty years ago, Paul Hickman, at the age of 71 had a vision to develop a nonprofit organization of citizens to advocate in support of Montana’s state parks (Montana now has 55 of them) which were in need of upgrade, maintenance, expansion and promotion. This non-profit organization became Montana State Parks Association in 1994.

By 2001, Paul’s vision had evolved into Our Montana, Inc., a broader initiative designed to work collaboratively with other groups “to participate in preserving the scenic, historical, archaeological, scientific and recreational resources of Montana’s Parks, Rivers, Historic Sites and Trails.”

With the assistance of Mike Penfold, Conservation Program Director, John Pulasky, Volunteer Youth Education Director and Eileen Morris, Associate Director, many many volunteers and Paul’s vision, Our Montana now boasts a list of very valuable accomplishments covering an array of Montana’s treasures. Because of Paul’s legacy, Our Montana is an evolving venture that is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Montana’s cultural, recreational and economic heritage.

Our Mission


To promote stewardship and enjoyment of Montana’s natural, historic, and recreational resources.

Guiding Principles

Our Montana operates through and with the following principles:

  1. Working with stakeholders and involving the public in our programs are the most effective ways to achieve our mission.
  2. Education, collaboration and advocacy for Montana’s natural resources will help create the next generation of stewards to carry on the Our Montana Mission.
  3. Historical research and educational programs can be accomplished with specific, measurable, attainable and time-based projects.
  4. Personal integrity, fiscal responsibility and sound decision making, as well as comprehensive administrative practices are fundamental to achieving our mission.